Ernst & Young logo Exhibition Partner

Ernst & Young have been a major supporter of key international exhibitions at AGWA since 2007, including Principal Sponsor of AGWA’s exclusive Great  Collections of the World Series. EY are known for their support of the visual arts around the world, collaborating with the Gallery to share the richness of each exhibition with their clients, employees and their families and the community.






Publication Partner

The Gordon Darling Foundation was established by Gordon Darling in 1991 to fund Visual Arts activities Australia-wide. Each year the Foundation assists Australian Public Institutions to undertake a wide range of visual arts projects in all Australian states and territories and helps to promote Australian arts in the international arena. For Treasure Ships, the Gordon Darling Foundation provided support for research and the publication of the exhibition Catalogue.




Singapore Airlines logoAirline Partner

Singapore Airlines provided significant in-kind support for the AGWA by way of international flight and cargo support. AGWA and Singapore Airlines collaborate closely, working together to promote key exhibitions to their employees and Singapore Airlines loyalty and privileged memberships, and throughout their international flying networks.







Alex Hotel logoAccommodation Partner

Alex Hotel is a boutique hotel located in our cultural centre neighbourhood. Alex Hotel provides the Gallery with invaluable in-kind support for visiting artists, performers and other visitors to AGWA as well as collaborating with the Gallery on joint packaging, prizes and other visitor and guest benefits.






Media Partners

AGWA is proud to partner with the following media organisations who provide generous in-kind promotions and advertising support to help spread the word about what’s happening at AGWA.


Sunday Times logo        Avantcard          SCOOP    Ad shel logo





Annual Sponsors: Wesfarmers Arts – Principal Partner, 303LOWE, Singapore Airlines, Audi, Alex Hotel, Gage Roads Brewing Co.