Discover more with the free Treasure Ships App

The Treasure Ships app takes you on a journey through a historic spice trail exploring selected artefacts from the Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices exhibition.
The app features an interactive map, exclusive artefact information, and public and in-exhibit augmented reality activations.

Download the app

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Before the exhibition

Journey by sea and navigate a map to discover and learn about selected artworks from the exhibition and complete mini trivia questions. You can explore fourteen artworks before you visit the exhibition.

At the exhibition

Once you’re at Treasure Ships there are thirteen more artworks to discover. If you discover all of the artworks and correctly answer the trivia questions you will unlock a second entry into the draw to win a trip for four to Singapore!

Keep an eye for two of the artworks that come to life through the app. Follow the prompts from the app to find out which ones.

Also look for these square frame image markers throughout the exhibition.

App frame marker symbol
Around the Gallery

Scan the Treasure Ships logo to meet Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese viceroy of the state of India.

Treasure Ships logo
Scan the Treasure Ships map outside the Gallery to reveal hidden surprises within AGWA’s walls.

Image of Treasure Ships AR poster

Helpful hints on how to use the App

Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App store.  Search for Treasure Ships.

To activate augmented reality content

Start the app, and from the Main Menu select “Scan Marker”.

Point your device camera at either selected Treasure Ships logos or the wall poster located outside of the Art Gallery of Western Australia and watch it come to life!

For iOS devices, you need to allow access to your Camera (otherwise your screen will appear black) and Photo Gallery (to save photos on your device).

The app will ask for these permissions and you can change them at any time on your device through Settings > Treasure Ships and toggle Photos and Camera access.

To scan artworks from the exhibition

From the Main Menu, select “Scan Marker”.

Two of the artworks in the exhibition are brought to life by scanning the artworks directly. Follow the prompts from the app to find out which ones.

Look for these square frame image markers underneath the credit lines of selected artworks in the exhibition and point your device at these images to add them to your spice trail map.

Explore the Spice Trail

Pinch to zoom and drag to pan around to explore the map.

Tap on a location icon to sail your ship to that location, it will show some information about that artwork and its significance. Some of these artworks will have trivia tasks to complete.

Map icons

glyphTap on this icon to reveal the treasure at this location.


menuTap on this icon to view all treasures in a list view.


Question IconList items with this icon still have tasks to complete.


Tick IconTicked items have their task completed.


Lock IconLocked items can be scanned in the exhibition.
countThis dialogue keeps track of your progress on the map.


Complete the app to enter a second chance to win a trip to Singapore

Complete the app by:

  • Scanning all of the locked artworks in the exhibition (they will have the square frame markers underneath their credit lines)
  • Visiting them all on your map
  • Completing any tasks associated with an artwork

When you’ve completed all of the tasks, a form will show where you can enter your details to submit a second chance to win the Treasure Ships competition. You will need to have internet access in order to submit your details.

Full terms and conditions about this competition can be found here.

iOS Troubleshooting

In “Scan Marker” mode, the screen appears black.
The app needs permission to access the device’s camera to be able to scan markers. Close the app, on the home screen go to Settings > Treasure Ships and enable Camera.

I can’t save photos to my device
The app requires permission to save photos to the device’s photo gallery. To give the app this permission, on the home screen go to Settings > Treasure Ships and enable your Photo.

The AR activations run really slow on my device
The device tracks the image marker in real time using the camera feed and reveals animated 3D content with audio. Performance is known to be slow on the iPad 2, new iPad with retina display (aka iPad 3).

I can’t find the Treasure Ships app on the App store
The app supports iOS devices running on iOS 8 and upwards. For this reason, it is not downloadable for iPhone 4 devices.

I am having trouble submitting my details
Please see one of the Art Gallery of Western Australia staff at the front desk for assistance.

For feedback and support for this app, please contact